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The Champs Sports Network

In 2005 Pittsburgh Sports Weekly started as a new local sports talk show on a community access station, just three years later the "local" sports talk show had expanded into coverage across the east coast and there was a need to make a change to the name. In 2008 Champs Sports Network was created.

Today the Champs Sports Network strives to bring to all the best in the world of sports, and provides in-depth coverage at an ultra-local level with Western Pennsylvania high school sports as well as nationally with our affiliation with All American Bowl, Profesional and Semi-Pro Football teams along with other sporting events.

Our experience has given us a unique advantage in providing professional broadcasting services to schools and teams from Little League to Pro and everywhere in between. Not to mention our weekly shows that may touch on one team, one league, or the entire country. The Champs Sports Network, Champions Play Here!